29 07 2011

This is the link to my photostream on Flickr. One day I hope to become a photographer and have my own studio. In just a couple of weeks I will be heading off to college to begin my study of Art.


Blog Assignment 6

25 04 2011

5 Years Down the Road

by Kelsey Kahrs

If you met her 5 years back, she was the

Friendly, shy one.

If you knew her then, she was the

Random, talkative one.

If you meet her now, she’s still

Friendly but now out going.

If you know her now, she’s still the

Random, talkative one,

But now more adventurous.

Kelsey used to live on a farm and

Told the jobs she had to do

As a custom harvester.

Now she lives in a city at an apartment

Being free as she can be and

Loving her job choice

As a photographer.

Life as she knew it used to be

Simple until the decisions and

Bills started to pour in.

She once knew what relaxing was

But not anymore, with her

Job, learning to cook, and

Planning her wedding.