This I Believe Assignment

16 02 2011

Believe in Laughter

I believe that laughter is the best medicine. The laughter I’m talking about hurts your sides, brings tears to your eyes, and brings pain to your cheeks. Laughing can take our minds off of things and give us a good feeling for a long period of time. Medicine can make us feel better but can also have bad side effects.

I realized that laughter was the best antidote when I had talked to my best friend after being in a car wreck and having stitches. The doctors couldn’t have given me enough medication to feel the way I did while laughing with her. The pain seemed to disappear during and after laughing with her. The painkillers that the doctor gave me only seemed to slightly numb the pain for about an hour.

We even use the method of laughing to feel better on little kids. If a child falls you’ll see a parent or maybe another child trying everything in their power to make the hurt child laugh. It seems to make them all better if they laugh. Laughing dries up their tears and they seem to forget that they even got hurt in the first place.

I remember watching Patch Adams when I was younger and Robin Williams acted as a doctor.  The storyline was that Patch Adams was determined to become a medical doctor because he loved to help people. But the scientific and medical community didn’t appreciate the way he would try to heal the sick. On the other hand the patients, nurses, and medical professors loved his ability to make the patients feel better. When he would make the kids laugh with his clown suit on you could tell that they felt and looked better when they were laughing. I believe that the laughter made them feel better than their medicine did. If Patch Adams hadn’t stepped in and made them laugh they may have had a shorter, more depressed life.

To me, laughing while your sick gives you better side effects and makes you feel better than any medication. Nothing could be better than to laugh with a friend and feeling good. I would like to embrace the fact that laughing is powerful.





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